Matt Doyle: Geek Chic

Matt Doyle can’t keep his secret identity under wraps any longer. He’s a geek. The Brooklynite star describes reverting to his alter hipster persona for his latest role at the Vineyard Theatre.

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Derek McLane: Broadway Design for the Oscar Stage

“Criticizing the Oscars is sort of an American blood sport,” proclaims renowned Broadway production designer, Derek McLane. That was the first thing to come to mind when faced with the prospect of designing the set for the 85th Academy Awards in 2012, a notion he found “slightly horrifying.” Nevertheless, he accepted the challenge and is now fully consumed in his third year as the award show’s production designer.

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Kyle Dean Massey: Broadway’s James Dean

As he strolls into the lobby of the Aria hotel on the Las Vegas strip, Kyle Dean Massey sends off a distinct West Coast vibe — jeans with a loose-fitting cotton tee, aviators, Tom’s slip-ons, and a slightly styled head of what he refers to with mild frustration as “Pippin hair.”

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Kpittman 1

Karen Pittman: Creating and Living with Intention

“I am interested in creating human beings that have a real sense of the idea that we are all really the same, that we are all really dealing with the same shit. It doesn’t matter what we are or what we look like,” says Karen Pittman, star of Broadway’s Disgraced and FX’s The Americans.

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Sierra Boggess: Angel of Music

“There I was doing this iconic role, and I felt like I left my artistic soul on the stage. I wept after I came off because I had nothing else. I gave it all that night,” actress Sierra Boggess says nearly overrun with emotion as she describes her critically acclaimed performance as Christine Daaé in the 25th Anniversary of The Phantom of the Opera.

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Lena Hall with Clayton Jones and Daniel Rowan at the Beatrice Inn, New York City.

Lena Hall: Broadway’s Anti-Type

In an industry dominated by type, Lena Hall is a new breed of actor: the everywoman. The ‘everywoman’ defies the old guard musical theatre archetypes of the ingenue, the femme fatale, the fallen woman. She exists on a constantly shifting spectrum, contains multitudes and is always reinventing herself.

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Ramin Featured

Ramin Karimloo: On the Record

Ramin Karimloo (Les Miserables’ current Jean Valjean) sits down to discuss his personal style and the how to’s of keeping it cool in NYC’s bustling Broadway scene. Broadway Style Guide’s Christina M. Pastor gets a glimpse into the pressures of the industry and a peak into the life of this city’s rising stars.

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