Michael Park: My Oasis


It’s Thursday night, and a friend and I have just gotten out of a show. She suggests stopping by Sardi’s for a drink, as the historic theatre district haunt hosts a late-night happy hour. And the first person we run into at the second-floor bar is Michael Park, who is currently starring in Dear Evan Hansen.

Considering Park selected Sardi’s as his go-to bar for this feature, it makes sense to find him here, especially at what he refers to as “ThNOB,” or Thursday Night on Broadway, “I owe you answers!” Park says before a warm embrace. (He sent them a few days later.) He started frequenting the bar on Thursday night when Reed Birney and the cast of The Humans revived the ThNOB tradition. “Never one to miss out, me and a group of my pirate friends from Peter Pan Live! joined in,” Park says. “It’s been the hang out on Thursdays ever since. Thanks Reed!”

But his history with Sardi’s goes beyond Thursday nights. “When I was in Smokey Joe’s Café, going to Sardi’s in between shows on a Wednesday for the actors’ meal was like a right of passage,” Park says. “It continues to carry that gravitas. It’s a special indescribable feeling.”

Park also enjoys exploring the countless caricatures on the walls. He met caricaturist Squiggs through Emily Bergl when he was in Can on a Hot Tin Roof, and he enjoys drinking with him at the bar. “We all have our favorites, but Don Bevan is subjectively mine.”

Go-to Order: “I’m a Guinness and/or a Makers Mark Manhattan guy. Joe and Jeremy at the bar have the incredible task of serving so many, and it ALWAYS astonishes me that they can remember names, much less drink orders. Cheers boys. Also, our cast is partial to the French onion soup!”