Margo Seibert & James Snyder: In Transit


It’s just after 9 p.m. on a Thursday night in late February and an enthusiastic group of fans is waiting outside the Circle in the Square Theater. As each member of the In Transit ensemble exits, the crowd breaks into a renewed round of applause and then waits patiently for autographs, selfies, and a chance to share a brief moment with their favorite cast members. Margo Seibert and James Snyder have agreed to meet for a cocktail after the show so I motion to make them aware of my presence and then settle in against a pillar to observe as they greet the fans.

A short while later, Snyder and I are bellied up at a lounge bar down the street, and Seibert has settled in on a couch nearby where she is taking the opportunity to rest her feet. This is only fair considering she spends a fair amount of the show’s efficient 95-minute running time in high heels quite literally navigating a treadmill that scenic designer Donyale Werle has integrated into the stage. This cleverly speeds along transitions while simultaneously mimicking the New York City transit system that serves as the backdrop for much of the show. From relationships to career ambitions and the shared moments of humanity in between, the show captures a slice of New York life that seems to leave audience members wanting to reflect. And in case you hadn’t heard, In Transit is performed entirely a cappella.