Kimiko Glenn: Easy as Pie


Making her Broadway debut as the adorably nerdy Dawn in Waitress was a dream come true for Kimiko Glenn. “Okay, well I can die now because I’m so happy,” the Arizona native confesses. “This is the best thing that could’ve ever happened to me!”

Although she’s known mostly for her role as Brook Soso on Orange is the New Black, Broadway was always in the cards for Glenn. Growing up, she was a theatre kid, and she remembers obsessively listening to cast recordings, citing Miss Saigon, Les Misérables, Little Shop of Horrors, and Into the Woods as favorites.

“I want to be like all these people on the cast recordings that I’m listening to!” Glenn remembers of her childhood hopes. “And so when I got that opportunity and when it was opening night, it was the most overwhelmingly exciting and unbelievable day because I finally had done what I set out my whole life to do.”

Broadway Style Guide sat down with Glenn to chat about her favorite place to shop, her summer style, and what she wants to wear onstage (or onscreen) next.

Uniforms No More
As much as she loves her “super comfortable” Orange Is the New Black prison jumpsuit and classic waitress ensemble on Broadway, Glenn is ready for change. For her next role, she’s hoping to play someone with a little more wardrobe diversity. “I would love to be able to have a character that is able to express her own personal style,” she says. “That would be ideal. Because a uniform’s nice, but I think it’s always fun to play dress-up.”

Style Admirer
When asked whose sense of style she admires, Glenn is quick to mention Kayla Foster and Elizabeth Judd, the team at Tristyle who assembled the looks for her Broadway Style Guide shoot. “They put together some outfits that on the rack I’m like, ‘No, that’s so not me,’” Glenn explains. “And I put it on and they put it with a bunch of jewelry and belts and you know, turn the collar up, and I’m just like, ‘How are you doing this?’ They’re just really smart with fashion. So I have to say I admire them a lot. And I also think they look so cute all the time. Effortlessly!”

Online Shopping > Online Dating
In Waitress, Glenn’s character Dawn finds herself dabbling in the world of online dating, but in real life, Glenn is all about online shopping. “I buy all my clothes on Asos,” she says. “Everything I wear on pretty much any given day is Asos. It’s just so easy. I haven’t gone shopping in person in a while, and it’s because I just love online shopping on Asos so much because it’s just so easy. They have a little runway thing where you can get a sense of how the material moves, and you get a sense of what it’s going to look like before it gets there. And then you can just return it for free. So it’s real easy.”


Summer in the City
As New York City days get longer and warmer, Glenn is all about staying comfortable in the heat. “I’m really basic, especially when it comes to summer,” she says. “I wear tank-top, shorts, and sandals. That’s pretty much my look.”

Beauty Guru
“Well, I’m always concerned with whether my makeup looks perfect or not. ‘Does my face look too shiny? Is my eyeliner even?’ Stuff like that. And I usually apply lip gloss like five times a second!” she says with a laugh. “I go to Sephora to get all my makeup because they have so many brands, and you can find your perfect product that way. And they’re really helpful, and then if you hate it or something, you can always return it, which I think is nice because it is expensive stuff. But it’s usually worth it, and it usually lasts for a while.”

“When He Sees Me”
Instead of stressing over a date-night look, Glenn usually keeps it casual when hitting the town with her boyfriend Sean Grandillo. “Unless we’re going to the Met or something,” she says. “But for a first date, I would definitely play it casual. Maybe a heel, like a little bootie heel, just to kind of give a little length to the leg. But typically, I dress how I dress for any normal day, maybe showing a little bit more skin than usual. Just to be kind of flirty.”

Styling by Kayla Foster and Elizabeth Judd for TriStyle NYC
Assistant Styling by Allegra Levy
Hair by Abi Leeland
Makeup by Brittany Bell Spencer
Clothing by Sachin & Babi and Ted Baker
Jewelry by E. Shaw Jewels
Shoes by Nina Originals and Oysby London