American Psycho: Final Curtain


The cast of American Psycho will take their final Broadway bow on Sunday, June 5, but for those who had a chance to see this simultaneously gory and sexy adaptation of the 2000 cult-classic film (based on the 1991 novel by Bret Easton Ellis) it will not soon be forgotten. The production has drawn strong reactions since it began previews in late March at the Schoenfeld Theater with Ben Brantley of the New York Times calling it “so smooth, so rich, so ruthless” and at the same time possessing of an “undecided tone.”

Perhaps the show is ahead of its time, or perhaps the criticism is well-founded, but what is indisputable is the charm and drop-dead sex appeal of the hard-working ensemble cast led by Benjamin Walker and featuring too many notable performances to individually mention. BSG gathered the ensemble on the day that closing notice was posted for a steamy shoot with photographer Jenny Anderson and asked them to reflect on their experience with American Psycho. Gone but not forgotten – happy trails.

“American Psycho the Musical is a defining moment in my life and career. We did something innovative, sexy, and unlike anything else that has ever been done on Broadway. I love this cast and team! To be creatively fulfilled is the goal of any actor, and this journey far surpassed that benchmark. Psycho for life.” – Drew

“The first thing I did upon being cast was buy and read the novel. Considering the severely isolated manner though which Brett Easton Ellis voices Patrick Bateman, I was pleasantly surprised when rehearsals started for American Psycho with such a collaborative spirit. Everyone in the cast was available to try so many things- from crawling around on the floor like a pack of rats (which did not make it past the rehearsal process) to rolling all over each other in what affectionately became dubbed the ‘corpse pile’. Nothing was too absurd, too 80s, or too taboo for our cast and creative team. I’m very proud of the voice all this experimentation allowed us to find for this piece, and it’s been an artistic delight to share it onstage at the Schoenfeld Theatre.” – Anna


“I think that our show resonated with so many people in such a profound way. We made something that wasn’t safe, wasn’t traditional, and pushed the boundaries of the form to the edge. In the same way the novel wasn’t fully appreciated for the masterpiece it was until decades later, I think the implications of how this show changed the shape of musical theater will not be fully understood until long after we leave that theater.” – Dave

“American Psycho The Musical was ahead of its time. The book and the movie are now considered cult classics, even though they were misunderstood at the time of their release. I think this production will be looked upon in 20 years as something that changed the standard for Broadway. I am proud to have been a part of something that pushed theater goers in a new, bold direction.” – Jordan


“In 2013, American Psycho The Musical opened in London to a house of 300 people. We had an entirely sold out run. It was the kind of musical that you had to see more than once and the same can be said about the Broadway production. I’ve never worked with such a cool, fearless creative team and I truly believe that art is not supposed to look nice; it’s supposed to make you feel something. Thank you to everyone who has supported us.” – Holly

“When I first read the script, my first reaction before anything else was  ‘Whoever they get together for this, it has to be a group of anarchists,’ and that’s exactly what we got.  Everyone came in with a hunger to make something new.  Something that was gonna put some people off, while thrilling and exiting others.  Being on Broadway is an honor, but to be making my debut in a show that’s so cool and polarizing to those that witness it, that makes it all the more special.” – Jason


Theo Stockman

“I have always been attracted to art that speaks from the underbelly–art that is misunderstood or overlooked in its time only to be discovered or embraced by those who really need it and understand it. Being a part of American Psycho reminded me of discovering punk rock, in an odd way–connecting with something that is profoundly and compellingly outside the norm. Those who got it, let it in and left changed. The old guard who rejected it will continue to reject new and challenging things. That’s what makes a cult classic. I’m lucky and proud to have been a part of the incredible company of people that made this show.” – Theo

“Broadway got to experience something insanely unique this season with American Psycho. I feel very artistically fulfilled and grateful to have been able to create with a group of people not afraid to push the limits of the art-form. Taking risks is what makes life thrilling after all.” – Krystina

“American Psycho has been one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve had in my 14 years on Broadway. There is something so unique about being in a show that is part art installation, part horror, part comedy and somehow incredibly sexy all at the same time. Our cast and crew are remarkable and I am beyond fortunate to have been a small part of something so special.” – Ericka


Morgan Weed

“There are times – especially living in New York City – when it feels like all you can do is scream to escape all of the noise. With American Psycho, we are screaming back at the world that we want more than just noise, we want content. We want meaning. As an artist, I’m so proud of our work.” – Morgan


Alex Michael Stoll

“I had no idea what I was getting into with American Psycho. I heard rumors… that it was going to be a flop, that it didn’t have a chance. Then we had the first read through of this beautiful, bloody beast and then started the slow realization that we were doing something special, unlike any other piece of theater you will see on a Broadway stage. American Psycho is a unique, hilarious, disturbing, sexy piece. Broadway’s Anti-hero. Broadway just wasn’t ready for us.” – Alex


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