Daveed Diggs: How to Wear a Jumpsuit

The way Daveed Diggs signs his e-mails says a lot about both his fashion sense and his performance style.

“Big Love, Daveed” reads the signature to his messages, and its this love—of music, art, and style—that make Diggs stand out in his Broadway debut in the smash hit Hamilton. In Act 1, Diggs plays the Marquis de Lafayette, a French immigrant who helped lead the American troops to victory in the Revolutionary War, and in Act 2, he’s Thomas Jefferson, who argues his political points via rap battles with the titular character, played by the show’s creator Lin-Manuel Miranda.

Now theater is new for Diggs, whose background lies in the music world. (He’s the MC of the experimental hip-hop group clipping.) But Diggs likes to take chances onstage and in his clothing choices.

“I would say my style is a mixture of impulsiveness and convenience,” Diggs says. “By which I mean, probably 75 percent of what I wear is something somebody gave me—a clothing company while touring with clipping. or a gift somebody brought back for me when they went on a trip—and the rest is something I saw that totally blew my mind in the moment and I had to buy it.”

Broadway Style Guide put together three jumpsuit-based ensembles for Diggs, and check out how he rocks all three.

Zipped Up

Jumpsuits fit right into the convenience aspect of Diggs’ style because “they are easy.” “I went through a phase where I pretty much exclusively wore jumpsuits,” he adds. Wearing the piece as a full outfit makes it even simpler, as only a few accessories are needed to complement the look. One of his regular accessories is a bandana for his locks because he loves his hair but “doesn’t like to spend time on it.”

Covered Up

Diggs loves the versatility of jumpsuits, and here, you’d almost think he was wearing pants if you weren’t paying attention! The ability to layer like this is great for fall, and the blue Paisley coat is something from Diggs’ own closet, which he loves. “I used to wear it on stage in concerts a fair amount,” he adds.

Tied Down

This look is the most “me,” Diggs says of the jumpsuit tied around the waist style, though he adds he would wear any of these looks in any situation because he tends “to be pretty oblivious to what is supposed to be worn to what event.” The bold pattern of the yellow shirt is also up Diggs’ alley, and when asked how Hamilton has influenced his style, he says, “We get a great discount on merch so I wear a lot of it. Convenience.”