Christopher J. Hanke: Tony Awards Red Carpet Ready

Christopher J. Hanke loves a good party. The Broadway and TV actor has established himself as a fixture on the opening night red carpet and party circuit as a man of impeccable style. BSG noticed, so it’s only natural that we asked Hanke to join us at the Tony Awards as our red carpet correspondent.

Hanke is bi-coastal so while en route from Los Angeles to New York on Tony Thursday we asked him to share his feelings about the upcoming awards. As you’ll see from his responses… he only kind of took us seriously.

Hanke Hero Image

You’re making you hosting debut at the Super Bowl of Theatre. Do you have pre-game jitters?
No, that’s what the vodka is for.

What type of adult diaper brand will you be wearing the day of the Tonys?
The same ones that astronaut lady wore when she drove 3 days non-stop to Florida to kill her husband.

Who are you “fan-girling” out to meet on the red carpet?
That little girl from Fun Home! I’ll be looking like that butch delivery woman with a ring of keys hoping she sings to me.

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Where will you be watching the Tony Awards from?
Hopefully not heaven. Hell I could get behind I think. I bet the Devil is a musical theater queen.

What has your process been like preparing to host BSG‘s Tonys red carpet coverage?
I’ve been mostly consulting with lawyers.

How will you be getting red carpet ready on Sunday?
I’m always red carpet ready. Oh, I’m sorry, I thought you were asking something completely different…

What cocktail are you going to unwind with after the Red Carpet on Sunday?
Ranch dressing.

Who is your hosting spirit animal?
Ellen. I’m getting highlights.

Who do you think is going to bring style game to the red carpet on Sunday?
Kristin Chenoweth always nails a red carpet. And I hear Anna Dubs herself dressed her. I am also a fan of Kelli O’hara’s taste so I’m looking forward to her elegance. And honestly, on the men’s side, Nick Jonas is a style powerhouse, always clean lines and tailored suiting. Oh that’s a good drag name: Taylor D’Suiting.