13 Tony Awards Questions with Sarah Stiles

Sarah Stiles is an admitted “weirdo.” That’s one of the reasons she loves her character Jessica in the demonic puppet-fueled Hand to God so much. However, while Jessica is a confident teenager biding her time in a Christian puppet ministry, Stiles admits she isn’t always so confident.

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“Jessica isn’t afraid to speak her truth always,” Stiles tells Broadway Style Guide. “I, however, shrivel and wilt in cases of confrontation. Don’t yell at me!”

No one is yelling at Stiles, who received her first Tony Award nomination for her performance in the play. Find out which musical she wishes she could be in this season and who helped her create her signature Tony style in our Tony Awards questionnaire!

What were you wearing when you found out you were nominated?
A wife beater and scrubs. The scrubs I stole them from a roommate, who stole them from a doctor he hooked up with. I think clothes with a story are always better.

If you could wear absolutely anything to the Tony Awards, what would you wear?
I would design something like Molly Ringwald did in Pretty in Pink. I would rip apart my grandmother’s vintage gowns and best friend’s prom dresses and turn them into this magical outfit and the room would stop and gasp when I stepped onto the carpet. Like a good gasp — not a horror movie one.

What are three things in your day-of Tony Awards survival kit?
Is that like packing for a date you think you might get lucky on? Lip gloss, gum, trail mix, panties.

If you win, who’s the first person you thank in your acceptance speech?
[Playwright] Rob Askins. We’re only here ‘cause of his story.

If you could be in any other show this season, which show would you be in?
The King and I. So grand and epic! I’m curious what that feels like.

How would you describe your personal style?
Creative and ever changing.

How would you describe your Tony season style?
Feminine, Mad Men, superhero with some sparkle. (Shout out Inma Medina!)

If you could channel any other nominee’s style, who would it be and why?
Micah Stock. He always looks so polished. Perfectly tailored. Great colors. Interesting fabrics. Hollywood.

Who’s your Tony date?
My long time manager Bryan Leder. He’s my friend family protector confidant.

What’s your mode of transportation to the Tonys?
Ummm….a car? Is this a trick question?

What has been your biggest indulgence during Tony season?
Heels. Turns out leopard-print Steve Maddens circa 2005 do NOT go with everything.

Best piece of advice you’re received about being a Tony nominee?
Enjoy it.

What’s something you wish you’d known about being a Tony nominee?
Nothing. Surprises are rad.