Around Town: Carly Hughes at Casellula

Carly Hughes was in search of a good wine extravaganza. It was 2006, and she’d just gotten back from doing a show in California, where she enjoyed the best wine. She needed a place to tide her over during the transition. Enter Casellula.

Carly Hughes at Casellula

The intimate Midtown wine and cheese bar has become Hughes’s go-to spot post-performance. “It’s just far enough away from Times Square and the theatre crowd,” she says. “The cheese selections and pairings are unique, and they have the best wine.”
Broadway Style Guide hung out with Hughes at her favorite wine bar and solicited some exclusive tips for how to enjoy a night out at Casellula!

What is your favorite thing to order?
I normally just say, “I want five cheeses, something like manchego, something creamy, and surprise me with the rest. Nothing stinky!” I always get a fierce cheese assortment. When I need comfort food, I get the grilled cheese; and when I want something light, I get whatever seafood option is on the menu. Oh! And I ALWAYS get a chocolate goat cheese truffle.

What is your go-to wine?
My go-to drink is a smooth/dry rosé. It’s refreshing and always hits the spot.

What is your favorite memory of time spent at Casellula?
One of my favorite memories is of the very first time I went. I was with one of my best friends, Linda Mugleston, and we literally tried almost every cheese, most items on the menu and at least two bottles of wine! Ha! We stayed forever, enjoying the food, wine, atmosphere, and getting to know staff; and we left so full we could barely walk down the street!

Casellula is located at 401 W 52nd St, New York, NY 10019.