Welcome to the Broadway Style Guide!

Tony Marion

Just a few brief decades ago Broadway’s infamous Actors, Directors, Writers and Producers graced the pages of pop culture’s most respected style and fashion magazines. They were the core of the late night talk show circuit and were a mainstay on record players in living rooms across America.

Greats like Gene Kelly, Ginger Rogers, David Merrick, Michael Bennett and Ethel Merman were household names that defined the style of a generation. Even with the passing of time they remain icons of a golden age on Broadway and for many, are the undisputed definition of sophistication.

The Broadway Style Guide marks a return to this paradigm. The distinct characters and personalities of the Broadway Community continue to bring a unique perspective to individual style. Their fashion choices, favorite restaurants, nightlife haunts, living spaces and overall demeanor continue to make an impact on the world around them. We aim to shine a spotlight on these movers and shakers of the theater industry outside the stage door and re-establish the glamour and nostalgia that surrounded Marge and Gower Champion as they waltzed in a sea of top hat and tails at the Rainbow Room on an opening night.

We are excited to launch the Broadway Style Guide with an intimate look at 2014 Tony Winner, Lena Hall. BSG’s Rebekah Greer Melocik profiles the actress whose unique sensibilities have allowed her to shake archetype and play roles as diverse as Yitzkah, the transgender sidekick to Hedwig and his “angry inch”, designer handbag toting Nicola in the 2012 smash, Kinky Boots, and real life lead singer in grunge rock band, The Deafening.

We also give you a glimpse into the life and style of Tony Nominee Ramin Karimloo, a staple of the boards on London’s West End who has taken Broadway by storm playing one of its most iconic patriarchs, Jean Valjean. Ramin explains to BSG’s Christina M. Pastor why personal style is as important for an actor as the characters he is able to portray.

It’s hard to re-create the nostalgia of the past; however, it is possible to draw inspiration from it, and create a new nostalgia that embodies the glamour of our time. We invite you to join us in the studio, behind the scenes, on the red carpet, in the streets of New York and in theaters across America (and around the world) as we uncover Broadway Style. Welcome to the Broadway Style Guide.